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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

A great alternative to sternos, wicked or canned fuel

The Most Innovative Universal Electric Chafing Dish Heater
in the Industry.

Buffet Burners™ heat your chafing dishes without the hazards of open flames or the unending costs that are associated with chafing fuel and save you BIG MONEY at the same time. If your buffet is suffering from unreliable heat resulting in food that is either cold, or dried out and over done, YOU HAVE FOUND A BETTER SOLUTION! 

The Buffet Burner is the only safe, reliable, interchangeable, eco-friendly, temperature controlled chafing dish heater in the industry today.  We invite you to explore our website for the complete description of the amazing benefits. 

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What do customers love the most about the Buffet Burner Electric Chafing Dish Heater?  While they will all agree that saving money is a huge benefit, they go on to say that the additional advantages of using the Buffet Burner are equally as valuable.  The Buffet Burner offers features that no can of chafing fuel can offer.  One thing we hear over and over – “Once you use the Buffet Burner, you will never heat your chafing dishes the old fashioned way again!”

The Buffet Burner was invented and patented by food service professionals who
understand the demands of the modern day food service industry.   This is the ultimate solution to the ongoing issues you are experiencing with your current method of chafing dish heat.

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