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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

Quality and Presentation
Can Now Be Maintained
at the Buffet

Intracoastal Innovations, Inc. presents the Buffet Burner™. The best alternative to the open flame, Buffet Burners™ allow you to take control of the temperature, the duration, and the cost of your buffet heat. Invented and patented by food service professionals, the Buffet Burner™ is a product that meets the demands of today’s culinary experts.

Imagine, no more blow outs, no more cold food, no more cases of cans. Only regulated, cost effective, consistent heat. Buffet Burners™ are the solution, bringing buffet heat up to the standards that are required of today's food professionals.

Universal among most all full-sized chafing dishes in the industry, Buffet Burners™ also accommodate steam tables, warming boxes, hot dog carts and more.

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  • Buffet Burners heat your chaffing dishes FASTER than sternos.
  • Our unique controller allows you to heat your chaffing dishes HOTTER or COOLER than wicked or canned fuel.
  • Maintains steady, consistent heat.
  • Heat intensity is not affected by wind, room temperature etc.
  • Less hazardous to use (no open flames)
  • Will not run out or blow out! You decide when to turn it off.
Cost Effective Stop watching your profits go up in flames!
  • One unit equals an estimated 5,000 cans of fuel!
  • At approx. 4 cents per hour to run, Buffet Burners net you more.
  • Patented magnetic system securely attaches to virtually any full size chafing dish from standard economy chafers to high end roll tops.
  • Only one unit per chafing dish is needed.
  • Also accommodates steam tables, warming boxes, hot dog carts, and more.
Food Quality / Presentation

Do last minute changes to your serving schedule put you in a pinch?

  • Buffet Burners maintain heat for an unlimited duration of time.
  • Keeps food at safe temperatures.
Excellent Warranty
  • Buffet Burners™ come with a limited 1 year warranty against factory defects or workmanship.
Built to Last
  • Made out of heavy gauge polished stainless steel. Built to outlast your chafers!
Environmentally Friendly
  • Uses electric instead of smelly alcohol fuels.
  • Less cans in our landfills.
  • Less damage to our ozone layer.
Convenient and EasyTo Use
  • Heat up your chafers as early as you want; they won’t burn out!
  • Less hazardous to store. Saves storage space, no need to have cases of cans in fire proof room.
  • No more black soot on bottom of water pans.
  • No more scooping old gelled fuel into other cans, or wasting your time on hard to light wicks.
  • If you forget the matches, that’s o.k.!


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