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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

Flameless Alternative to Sterno and other Canned Chafing Fuel

Open flame safety hazards are eliminated with the Buffet Burner! 

BEWARE OF THE FIRE MARSHALL! Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Schools, and many other institutions are required to meet increasingly stringent fire safety standards.  Many of our customers were forced to either choose an alternative method of heat or close their buffet due to potential hazards associated with open flames.  Be proactive!  Buffet Burners™will easily attach to your existing chafing dishes and are SAFE and easy to use. An internal high temperature limit switch cycles off if temperatures get too hot.

Convert your chafers to flameless heat today! 

It seems everyone in the industry has a story about their personal “issues” with canned chafing fuel.  If you have a story you would like to share, send it to us and we will send you a free Stress Guy!

What’s your Sterno story?






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