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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

Buffet Burners™ Allow You To Control The Temperature of Your Chafing Dish

Maintaining temperatures is mandatory in preserving food quality and safety.  Our “smart” controller allows the user to select and adjust the intensity of the desired temperature. Buffet Burners™ are not affected by wind or external temperatures and will continue to run as long as you need them to.  The heat remains steady and consistent, holding food at safe temperatures.  Eliminate the fears of blown out, burned out cans chafing fuel!

Buffet Burners™ electric chafing dish heaters will pre-heat your chafing dishes FASTER AND LONGER THAN CHAFING FUEL OR GEL.  The controller allows for settings at temperatures that are HOTTER and/or COOLER than alternative heating methods.

Now that’s temperature control!








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