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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. How long does it take to heat the chafing dish?
A. Buffet Burners™ are designed to heat your chafing dishes faster and hotter than two cans of chafing fuel.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to raise room temperature water to 140-160 degrees.
Q. How many Buffet Burners™ can I run together?
A. Up to four Buffet Burners™ will run on ONE 20 amp/120 volt outlet or through an extension cord with a 4-way splitter (we can supply upon request).  Power strips reduce the power supplied by the wall outlet and may trip the 15 amp internal breaker.
Q. Do I have to buy new chafing dishes?
A. The Buffet Burners™ will fit most full size chafing dishes in the industry.   The Buffet Burner is 8.25 in. x 8.25 in. and 1.75 in. deep.  Some chafing dishes have been modified for other heating methods so check to see if you have the required space.
Q. Will the Buffet Burner fit on a round chafing dish?
A. Yes, if you have an 8in. x 8in. area inside the water pan.
Q. Do I still need to use water in the water pan?

A. Yes.  Please refer to the Instructions Page for complete details on how to use the Buffet Burner.

Q. How hot does the water get?

A. The Buffet Burner will boil the water in the water pan (212 degrees).

Q. Does the Buffet Burner come with a warranty?

A. Not 30 days, Not 60 days, but ONE FULL YEAR-GUARANTEED!

Q. Is there a model that accomodates other voltage requirements?

A. Yes, we have an 230/240 volt export model with the European plug end for the Cruise Ship industry and other countries.


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