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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

Electric Chafing Dish Heaters Save BIG MONEY

  Click image above to calculate how much money you can save by switching to the Buffet Burner.

FACT:  If you are using canned chafing fuel to heat your buffet, your chafing dishes are costing you money. 

One burner replaces an estimated 5,000 cans of fuel!  At an average cost of one dollar per can of chafing fuel, and two cans of fuel used for most chafing dishes, OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAVING THOUSANDS!   Customers who switch to Buffet Burners™Electric Chafing Dish Heaters recoup the one-time cost quickly and begin increasing their profits.  Many save thousands of dollars annually on the cost of chafing fuel.

Only one burner is used for each full sized chafing dish.  Up to four Buffet Burners™ will run on ONE 20 amp outlet using minimal electricity! (Approximately 4 cents per burner, per hour).

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