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No more open flames
Your Flameless Alternative
to Canned Fuel

Save the Ozone and Money Too With Buffet Burners™ Chafing Dish Heaters

Every year tens of millions of cans of chafing fuel are burned world-wide emitting hazardous carbon dioxide; they are then disposed of in our land fills or oceans.  Buffet Burners™ are a non consumable product and do not produce any fumes or odors.  Green benefits include less damage to our ozone by the elimination of harmful emissions as well as limiting the continual manufacturing, transporting, and waste associated with canned chafing fuel. 

As environmental awareness becomes more and more of a focus, Hotels, Restaurants, and many other companies are recognizing their responsibility and making changes to their daily operations.  Not only does the Buffet BurnerTM Electric Chafing Dish Heater provide an eco-friendly way to heat the buffet, but saves BIG MONEY as well!  Other eco friendly products for the hospitality industry are featured in Green Lodging News and Pineapple Hospitality. 

You can make a difference in our environment by switching to Buffet Burners™!

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